Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I'm 18.

Assalamualikum dan salam satu dunia! :D
Yeahh I'm oredy 18 this year wOoHOoo, basically lah.
But will be really turn out 18 this Saturday (5th Jan 2013)
not looking forward for gifts from others though, but if someone kindly wanna do 'amal jariah' of cause I will be glad, rezeki jgn ditolak. HIHII :3

Younger sis and bros starting their first day of school
Anna...so early oredy gone to skul, although she's no longer a prefects this year (I don't know what's the reason they reject Anna, she's doing her duty well whatt last year. Hmmph! If I'm at her shoes, surely will find the reason until the WORM HOLE, okayh! xD) Really weird seeing her wearing normal white baju kurung uniform instead of the blue one. -____- Temporarily staying in SMKI, waiting for the result of SBP or MRSM, whether she'd be chosen or not, don't know. Watever it is, I'm as ur sister, proud of ur PMR result, congratz! <3 No present for u, I thought wanna buy purdah 4 u but money is nowhere could be found :P Sorry. hihii

Umar...After restless UPSR (cewahh ayat!), he is not qualified to study in Sin Min (a Chinese skul which all of us had been studying there once), because of his not-so-good chinese subject (I think its a new qualification to go study in Sin Min that is BC must grade C at least)  so, out of my expectation, he chose Al-Islah. Okay, bro, I support watever u chose, bro! But u must always remember, that skul is non-gov, most of the fees our parents need to pay, kay? So, study hard, be serious in watever u do, and make our parents proud of u! :D

Aniq...he left alone in primary skul of Sin Min. HAHA! Feeling little pity of him when I saw him alone waiting for the bus to pick him up outside the house juz now, no one to 'teman' (wat is teman in BI? Pffftt! -___-) him, so lonely. But he is so full of excitement and spirit to enter the new year of school. :D I like that, bro. I can't believe that u oredy Darjah 4, in 2003 u still a baby! Wow, time flew soooo demm fast. I miss having little baby bro or sis, so cute, but when they grew bigger, they become the most annoying and irritating human on earth (but I still LOVE them though) :P

Tudiaaa...tulih panjang berjela, tapi xda kaitan pong dgn tajuk, cuma perenggan 1st jaa. klau buat karangan kompem FAILED dh nih.

Jumlah Perkataan: 200++
Isi : 1 jaa
Markah: 0

Oraaiitt...azan Maghrib dh berkumandangg...Allahuakhbar! Jom solat! Daaa!


  1. Kita sebaya lah :D

    Sementara masa masih ada ! TOPUP RM100 UNTUK ANDA !

  2. Baru 18. *dengki*


    1. heheheeee...tahun baru umur pun baru :DD terima kasih sbb komen, really appreciate it <3

  3. haha,sama la..18 dah...wuhuu..sekolah?? no more...wahahaha

    1. yeahhhh...bahagia gilaa duk rumah, tpi keja on9 makan on9 makan, tambah lemak >_<


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