Sunday, 22 January 2012

For you Mr E =)

Our friendship doing just GREAT in a few months :D I'm really glad, seriously to have a friend like you, cause I enjoy teasing your name in class (I'm sorry if you got hurt by that). But I really REALLY love be friend with you. And I remember I help you to decorate our group magazine in the competition sponsored by PizzaHut by placing a funny pose model as the cover photo. XD

But our friendship stop when I post a korean artist pic on your profile. I still remember the first words that I thought my personal opinion made you angry, that really really made me shock. I don't know that I said something that sensitive to you.
The words was like this :"faker or not...but still more kiut than yoona which oso with a fake beauty...zzzzzz"
Yes, your idol is Yoona. What I meant was, all Korean artist have an unnatural beauty, cause most of them had gone through plastic surgeries. In fact, I didn't mean to say bad things about your idol. I'm saying that the artist in the pic cuter. Yes, she (the girl in the pic) is fake, but also most of the Korean idol is fake, including your idol.
When I read again what I wrote, I admit it too harsh. I'm sorry, okey. 
In your point of view, you think I say bad things about your idol. But in my point of view, I'm saying something truth. In fact, I had a lots of friends who is a kpop and hollywood fanatic fan, and I had said something similar to what I had said to you, they just don't care about it and enjoy saying back to my idol, but not TO ME.
But you did. You post to your status saying something about me. I still okey with it. But I came across a the words, the words that no one had ever saying straight to me my whole life which was this "F**K" word.
At that time I read your status, my feeling is unpredictable. I felt sorry and angry at the same time.
I was going to apologized to you but the words you wrote was too much for me. It was like I had done a major sin. 

This was the conversation:     
  •  her face looks so fake-.-
    August 28, 2011 at 12:02pm · 
  • Akalili Ahmad all korean idol's face is fake =="
    August 28, 2011 at 12:02pm · 
  •  but this 1 fake-erXD
    August 28, 2011 at 12:03pm · 
  • Akalili Ahmad faker or not...but still more kiut than yoona which oso with a fake beauty...zzzzzz

And your comments after that, you used all in capital letters. I really scared. Instantly in my mind: "I had wrote something wrong? I guess not" I damn scared, but still I stand with my opinion (I think because of my ego) and you with your protective attitude. That's the first step of our unplanning war.
  • Akalili Ahmad haha...chill comparing the idols face which one more kiut XD
    August 28, 2011 at 12:06pm · 
    August 28, 2011 at 12:07pm · 

Yes, rubbish suit me more, right? Am I too low for you? Even my annoying brothers won't say such thing to me. If you hate what I said, is that giving you the licence to insult me? I had made you one of my best chinese friend I had. Is this you paying back to me? I'm sad and disappointed. =(
Its's only 2 more days until Raya, you know, and I get an unexpectedly ex-friend. It spoiled my Raya mood. You think I'm happy all this while?
Yes, you have the rights to be mad at me, but not insulting me.
Before this, you also had said something about my idol,
"Ryeowook is more handsome than your Kim Hyun Joong"
Had I being mad at you?
Had I post something bad about you at my status with the word "F**k"?
Had I posting something bad about you in my blog? (well, at that time I still don't have blog xD)
NO! nothing.
It's just the same concept we had here which is I said the girl is cuter than your Yoona, friend.
Seriously i don't understand. Please make me understand.

Maybe you said I'm a childish. Yes, I'm childish.
The childish me still can recognize friendship and idol which is more important.
If friendship is more important for you, you wouldn't get mad too much over an idol.

But soon I realise the main cause of our broken friendship, which is my words saying that your idol is fake, right? I'm saying my opinion in harsh way, that's why you get mad. I should only said 'unnatural beauty' which seem more friendly. I'm sorry for my harsh words friend.

But still I'm waiting for your apology. Your apology for insulting me. Lowered your ego and say it. And I willing to be friend with you. Friend that I had known like the first day I entered 4SN4, quiet but funny. =)
But if you choose not to be friend with me anymore, there's nothing that I can do.
I just want you to know, that I really regret that I post the pic on your profile that day.
If the war didn't started, you might be one of the earliest person I wish :'Selamat Tahun Baru Cina!'

Today is 2012 Chinese New Year Eve.
And I had commented a lots on someone post with intends to perli you. I'm childish, right.
Ego controlled me at that time. But deep inside my heart, I want you to be my friend back.

I might not be a true friend for you, but still I don't want to be an enemy to a friend that I had been my bestfriend.


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